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K.D Interiors is a woman owned business. At K.D Interiors, Kylie Delgado offers 3D models of your home and customize each room to your wants and needs. By using the walk-through  feature, clients can visualize  the space as if they were actually walking through each room. Once a client is happy with the design, 3D renderings of each space will be provided. With the 3D renderings at hand, a client and contractor are able to visualize the new space as a whole and how the materials and finishes flow well together. The 3D models help express the clients design style to contractors and ensure it is followed. Kylie Delgado also makes the process of selection of products enjoyable and stress free for her clients by selecting all materials and finishes needed for the project. At K.D Interiors Kylie Delgado wants clients to experience their dream spaces become a virtual reality. 

Kylie Delgado moved from South African to the United States in 2017 to study Interior Design. She graduated in 2020 with Honors and now holds her A.S Degree in Interior Design, Home Staging Certificate, Kitchen and Bath Certificate. At K.D Interiors Kylie Delgado not only places importance on aesthetics and comfort, but also on practicality and functionality to ensure the spaces are inviting and livable. With her approachable personality, she will listen to her clients dreams and desires in order to transform them into a reality. As a hard worker, Kylie Delgado is very proud of K.D Interiors and the unique service she provides throughout the Bay Area. 


K.D Interiors has a great business relationship with Atlas General construction. It has an amazing team of architects and contractors, which makes the project run smoothly, efficiently, and in a timely manner. Most importantly, our clients appreciate how the whole process is so harmonious and well coordinated


Kylie Delgado


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Atlas General Construction


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