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K.D Interiors, a woman-owned venture, spearheaded by Kylie Delgado, specializes in crafting personalized 3D models of homes. Each room is meticulously tailored to reflect the individual desires and needs of clients. Using an innovative walk-through feature, customers can immerse themselves in a virtual tour, experiencing every room as if strolling through its physical space. Once the design meets the client's satisfaction, comprehensive 3D renderings of each area are delivered, empowering both client and contractor to envision the cohesive integration of materials and finishes. These renderings vividly express the client's design preferences to contractors, ensuring faithful execution.

Moreover, at K.D Interiors, Kylie employs a strategic blend of high-end materials and fixtures with cost-effective alternatives, a practice that not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also serves as a budget-conscious approach for clients. By harmoniously intertwining luxurious elements with more affordable options, Kylie aims to curate stunning spaces without compromising on quality. Her extensive network and strong relationships with various stores allow her to secure remarkable discounts on premium products, passing on these cost savings directly to her clients. This thoughtful approach not only ensures a beautiful outcome but also saves clients thousands of dollars, making high-quality design accessible and achievable within their budgetary constraints.

Kylie Delgado, a dedicated professional, relocated from South Africa to the United States in 2017 to pursue Interior Design. Graduating with Honors in 2020 and holding an A.S. Degree in Interior Design, alongside certifications in Home Staging, Kitchen, and Bath, she infuses not only aesthetic brilliance and comfort into spaces but also emphasizes their practicality and functionality. Her amiable demeanor fosters a collaborative approach, wherein she listens intently to her clients' aspirations, sculpting them into tangible realities. Driven by diligence, Kylie takes pride in K.D Interiors, delivering a unique and bespoke service across the Bay Area, ensuring dreams transcend into captivating virtual realities.


K.D Interiors has a great business relationship with Atlas General construction. It has an amazing team of architects and contractors, which makes the project run smoothly, efficiently, and in a timely manner. Most importantly, our clients appreciate how the whole process is so harmonious and well coordinated

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Atlas General Construction


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